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Cross Buck Rural Residental Fence

Fence Types

3 board wood fence

Board Fence

We use treated Poplar Boards and can build it in a variety of styles and board spacing to meet your specific project requirements.

Electrified Poly Rope

Electric Fence (livestock)

Electric Fence options can be designed to work for all species of livestock and are a great addition to perimeter fences.  One of the greatest uses for electrified fence is for rotational grazing practices and pasture management.  We can help you with the proper design and installation for maximum effectiveness.


Coated Hi-Tensile

High Tensile Fence

Hi-Tensile Fence is a very adaptable option that comes in smooth wire and coated wire.  We can design and install it in a multitude of configurations to match your species of livestock and operation.  It works very well when electrified to deter animals by acting as a psychological and physical barrier.

Woven Cattle Fence

Woven Wire Fence

We use Class #3 galvanized woven wire products.  Woven wire is a very diverse product that is available for horses, cattle, sheep, goats, deer, and dogs.  We will help you choose a size and style that fits your animal needs.  Woven wire is a preferred option for perimeter fences.

Galvanized Continuous Panels

Continuous Fence Panels

     Continuous Panel Fences are a very strong and safe option for your livestock containment fencing.  We use galvanized tube panels that fit together with swaged ends to create a smooth line for animal safety.  Available in 4-bar, 5-bar or 6-bar options at 49¨ height.

Custom Fence

Custom  Projects

We understand that the person who knows your animals the best is you!  We are here to partner with you to design and build a

 fence to meet these needs.

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